The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) and Pak Soedomo (Indonesia’s biggest coffee producer-Kapal Api) has established PT (Ltd.) Hutan Orangutan Perlindungan Ekosistem (PT HOPE) – a legal Indonesian entity which has full rights to lease and manage land from the Indonesian Government. The aim of PT HOPE is to preserve forests, orangutans and the entire ecosystem therein and develop and utilize the potential of existing forests for the welfare of orangutans and communities around these forests.

Over the past two years, we and our partners have worked closely with the Ministry of Forestry in East Kalimantan to obtain an expired timber concession formally held by PT Sumber Mas as an Ecosystem Restoration Concession (ERC).

The concession that PT HOPE is applying for is in a highly strategic location in terms of orangutan habitat and future releases. It is directly adjacent to protected forest are and PT RHOI’s ecosystem restoration forest, which is utilized for the protection and release of orangutans held at BOSF facilities. Therefore, there is the potential to form a large, continuous habitat for the Bornean orangutan populations.

PT HOPE concession and surrounding areas

PT HOPE concession and surrounding areas

Protected Entire Ecosystem

Protected Entire Ecosystem

Objective 1

Stop ongoing deforestation and forest devastation

The lack of patrols and consistent presence on the ground has led to increased forest encroachment. Regular patrols of forest rangers will prevent further encroachment.

Objective 2

Engage local farmers to participate in reforestation projects

To cooperate with local communities to restore degraded forest through a forest partnership system based on silviculture. An extensive campaign on the ground will inform the local community in the project area of chances and opportunities to join a forest partnership program.

Objective 3

Enable local farmers to generate income from Non Timber Forest Products

Demonstration plots will be established in combination with training nurseries complemented with hands on field school training. The aim will be to cultivate high income generating environmentally friendly silviculture as an alternative income to monocultures. Polyculture will be promoted to divert income from a single source to a diverse portfolio of income generating commodities.

Objective 4

Reforestation of degraded forest

Encroached forest in designated conservation zones will be reforested by engaging the local community in small teams of forest stewards, to be responsible to run small on site nurseries to produce forest tree seedlings and to plant and nurture the seedling for up to two years until they are well-established and growing.

Objective 5

Set up and Orangutan Reintroduction Site

The Center for Orangutan Projection, with technical and financial support of the Orangutan Project, with set up a site for the rehabilitation, release and monitoring for Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pymaeus morio).


Surabaya City, Prop. East Java
NPWP: 85,406,911.9-614,000
KBLI Name: Natural Forest Exploitation
KBLI Code: 02120
Investment Status: PMDN